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Breakups and Revenge (topic)
Revenge Your ExEach day hundreds of men and women seek revenge on their ex-mates for avariety of reasons, usually because they got dumped or where cheated on.Revenge comes in many ways. It typically starts by using social media tovent,...
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12/09/16 01:13:23
Newly engaged, and experiencing divorce... (topic)
Long story short; this divorce that is coming up is NOT a surprise. It's been needed, desperately, for the past 21+ years. My parents' relationship is the only thing I blame for my effed up childhood. Seriously, what nine year old wants...
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05/16/16 15:54:33
Girldfriend's divorced parents and treatment facility. (topic)
Hello eyeryone. Really tough situation, so I guess i found this forum. My girlfriend is 16 and her parents are divorced. She lives with her mom, and sees her father some weekends. She did have some issues in the past like everyday...
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02/22/15 01:25:45
Survey for any of you who have divorced parents. Appreciate any responses. (topic)
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Bear d

12/02/14 18:45:48
Help me, I am devastated (topic)
Hi, I am 23 years old, female, and my parents are in the process of getting a divorce.  I am taking it really hard and my whole world has been turned upside down.  After 25 years of marriage, my mom has filed for divorce.  The divorce...
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10/11/14 23:37:10
Does divorce have a long term effect on well-being? (topic)
Hi everyone,  I am a final year psychology student at Oxford Brookes University, and am interested in the topic of divorce and the outcomes it can have for adult children of divorce. If you are aged 18-25, I would be very grateful if you...
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01/21/14 16:58:29
Divorce looming and I'm not sure what to do (topic)
I am 20 years old and my mom just told me she is considering divorcing my father. Neither of them have been happy for a long time, and I think the divorce might be a good thing. However, I am also really scared about what kinds of...
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01/13/14 20:45:09
I feel like I need some help. (topic)
My mother has always told me how she wishes she never married my father, and how she was still with him only because of us. My older sister and I heard this our entire life, but somehow we never thought anything would come of it. Until...
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12/27/13 11:14:50
Divorce Study  (topic)
Hi, I'm working on my Master's degree for Experimental Psychology and my program requires I do a mini-thesis.  I'm choosing to look at parental marital status and how it affects self-esteem and the ideals a person looks for in a...
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02/22/13 21:30:15
Boyfriends parents are getting divorced. Can it affect our relationship?  (topic)
My boyfriend and I have been together almost 5 years and for as long as I've known him his parents are the ones that have made it. They had been together 25+ years. Now we find out they want to divorce though amicable. Now this has...
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02/22/13 17:05:47
Long story but any help or counselling is welcome!  (topic)
Hello everyone,I've been reading the posts here but I just feel like I need to explain my story. I am in grave need of help and I haven't been able to talk about this properly with anyone since I don't like to be a burden on my friends...
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04/15/12 23:42:48
New to the group  (topic)
Hi everyone Before I tell you all my life story I want to start by saying I have been looking for a group like this for while and haven't found anything. So needless to say I am excited about being apart of this group/forum. Okay so...
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01/15/12 19:12:14
Dad handed mom divorce papers after 31 years of marriage.  (topic)
My parents, or should I say my mom, told me that my dad handed her divorce papers.  They just had their 31 anniversary about a month ago.  And from what my mom has told me in the last couple of days, he told her that he...
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09/25/11 09:25:37
New and Looking for Support  (topic)
I'm 20 and I was told this past week that my parents are getting a divorce. My dad came out as gay a month ago, and while they've been going to counseling for the past month to decide what to do, it's always been known that it would...
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06/20/11 04:46:11
Why is my mom going mentally insane  (topic)
I really want help on what I should do in this situation. I hope she has a fixable mental problem. Summery:My parents just got a divorce and I am 16, everything was fine up until a year before the divorce. My Mom was the perfect mom, she...
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06/07/11 08:50:05
If I Drink A Lot of Whiskey, Will This Nightmare Go Away?  (topic)
Probably not.  But my blog might help. Seriously!Feeling BarefootWink Emoticon
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11/17/10 22:12:44
Regarding Grandchildren relationships  (topic)
This is the first time I have participated in a forum, but I need outside advice as how to deal with my son's relationship with his grandfather(my dad).  I just found out that my dad is cheating on my mom.  They have been...
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10/25/10 19:50:31
I just need someone to talk too.  (topic)
I am 22 and currently caught in the middle of an extremely messy divorce between my parents, which has been going on for just about 2 yearsFirstly let me give you some background.My mother and I have never really gotten on. Anytime she...
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10/10/10 23:16:29
How to get your EX back  (topic)
Relationships can be at tricky thing sometimes and we can all let it get out of control.  This is some simple tips for you if you have reached that stage in the game.  Don't let your feeling take control of the you and make...
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08/13/10 23:09:48
Help  (topic)
Hey, i need advice from people who have been through this before, basically friday is the first day my parents meet since they got dragged off each other outside court 2 years ago. See my dad had an affair and my mum found out, She wasnt...
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07/13/10 19:58:45
This group began March 25, 1999 as a Yahoo club. Archives from our time at Yahoo are available here. We went through a brief period as a Community Zero group until they began charging for their services, so now we are here! While you're visiting, stop by the Adult Children of Divorce website too!