My parents divorced a year and 4 months ago and my dad re-married a year and 2 months his high school girl friend that he broke up with to be with my mom in the first place. My sister and I had never met her before the divorce and we didn't even meet her before she married my dad. She is a mental case...and is living 40 years ago. I have no respect for her. She has taken him away from my 3 children and me. My sister thinks she is wonderful, I least that is how she acted when they just visited...but I really can't stand her and I think she is all wrong for my dad. Everything my dad would ever "pick" on my mom for...this woman has. She doesn't do anything with her self, makeup, clothes, body, etc. and her personality...well there isn't any, she is bi-polar...and to me a walking time bomb. My dad and I use to be so close but now he has a wife that can't even go to the bathroom without him holding her hand. She has taken my dad...and I am feeling hard hearted about it. I don't want to be around them...either of them. I love and miss my dad, but I will never except or respect her. I am so upset about the whole thing still...I just don't know how to get over it. HELP!!