I personally dislike my father but have to deal with him on a limited basis for my sons sake. I am 37 college educated successful male. However my parents just divorced after 42 years. My mother will not stop with the tell him this tell him that, your taking his side, be mad at him, don't let him see your son, blah blah blah. This has been a year long.
i am fed up. I don't need counseling as I am not real worried about it. But constant find myself fighting with my mother because I refuse to be childish. What makes them stop? Why do they think this is okay. So much to the point that I left work early came home and kicked her out of the house from babysitting. I am having serious thoughts to cut all ties. Which I know is not good for her fragility, however I can't deal with this daily. Almost hourly I get updates about what my dads doing who with and where and crazy made up stories as to why he is doing it. She claims she is just trying to prove the divorce was not her fault. I'm not sure who she proving it to but I could care less. Ugh what makes it stop.