4 years ago my parents split up after 25 years together. At the time I was 24 and my brother was 15. I was pleased they were seperating, they had a lot of violatile arguments over the years. Also, my mum has alcohol and dry issues.
my dad moved abroad leaving behind my brother and I and his properties that he had as a business, I'm now supporting him because my mum and brother are pocketing the rental income and won't give me a penny of it, they of course deny they are pocketing the money, 
ive been living away from home due to studying and working, I've now moved back in with my mum after my job ended. My brother told me that while I was away the ambulance and police were called to the house, due to my mums drug over doses, he didn't tell me any of this until I returned home. I wish he had turned to me. He's somewhat controlled by my mother.
me on the other hand feel trapped by being in the middle of my mum and dad. My mum  and brother sees nothing wrong with pocketing the money from the rentals and not giving me any or not helping my dad out either.

i can't support him any more and I feel responsibility towards him so he doesn't end up on the street. Yet I'm going broke and my mum and brother are pocketing all the money, for this I'm very angry at them for this!!

im stuck between a rock and a hard place- any advice would be appreciated!!