I am 25 years old and I am still at home living in my parents' basement suite.  
My parents were most loving and kind people I knew for 25 years. Earlier this year, everything changed so rapidly and suddenly. 
My mom started assuming and accusing my dad of cheating on her and as a grown up child, I thought of all possibilities and I wondered if it was true. 
The news itself was a shock to me but what shocked me more was how my mom changed into this crazy person. She was irritated at all times, nervous and full of bitterness. 
After few weeks, my dad sat me down and told me that he thinks she's going crazy because her assumptions were that he was cheating on her with different men. 

Knowing my dad, he CAN'T be homosexual. He's a typical family-oriented man who works his ass off to support the family financially. I see him going to work, coming home right after work and helping around in the house all the time. 
But when my mom came to me crying, pleading that I would have to trust her and believe what she's saying, I felt devastated and I felt as if my world was collapsing. 
Because she was my mom and she was hurting so bad, I wondered if this was all true. 
Because he was my dad and I've seen him all my life, I knew in my head that this couldn't be true. 

Things got worse everyday and they started fighting crazy. 
My mom thought that my dad wanted to get her into a mental facility and she actually believed that he was living a double life (being homosexual and cheating on her with all of his gay colleagues) and because he was so ashamed to come out, he was framing her as a mentally unstable person. 

I was confused but deep inside, I knew that something was wrong with my mom. Like, my dad goes to work and comes home straight from work, helps around in the house, doesn't spend any money on himself, he's so family-oriented. 

Everyday, I'd come home to find my mom sobbing like a child, screaming and yelling back and forth with my dad, and it was truly horrible. 
Luckily we all convinced her to go stay with her family in Japan for a bit. So she was away for 7 months and we really thought she was getting better. We also thought that this might be due to her menopause, and a bit of depression?

Anyways, she came back last week, and nothing changed. 
We all thought she changed because she was telling us how sorry she is for creating all this mess and she was wrong. In fact, she did that many times. So we really believed her. 
She came back and they started fighting after two days she came home. 

She still believes that my dad's cheating on her with different men AND now women. 
The thing is, she seems so normal and fine with everything else except when it comes to this issue that it's hard to get her to see a doctor. 
Also, she's seen many psychiatrist/counsellors during her half-year stay in Japan and they all thought she was okay. 
Maybe it's because the doctors only heard from her perspective and I am not sure how much detail she shared with them. 

Anyways, she's back. I've never seen my dad cry before. I just saw him crying, pleading her to believe him. That he's not cheating on her and he's so exhausted from this long fight. She doesn't want to get a divorce because she wants to solve this issue. 
They curse at each other, yell, scream, fight like crazy people. I am in shock and it's hard to share with my friends since they won't really understand plus it's embarassing. 
I feel like I should be feeling better about this because I am all grown up. But I am not okay. Looking at them fighting daily makes me feel suicidal. 

She keeps telling me that there's a truth behind all of this and she can't share it with me or my younger brother because that would really hurt us and she's trying to protect us. But she's hurting us so much. 
She tells us that when we are not around, my dad would tell her that he's sorry for framing all this on her. 

Again, after reading this you won't believe it, but my parents weren't like this. My mom was the most kind, caring and loving person I've known my whole life. She was actually even a bit of push oveer, always helping other people. 

I don't know what to think/feel. It just hurts a lot. 3 days to Christmas and I am in my bed crying cause I can't believe this shitty story is happening actually in my life.